Person holding a card with 'REPETITION' written three times.

Spaced Repetition

1. Summary Spaced Repetition is a learning technique that shows flashcards that are difficult for you more frequently than easier ones. For instance, the I Aced Calculus (IAC) app asks users to rank how well they understood a flashcard on

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Silhouette of a head filled with colorful gears representing active recall in learning and memory enhancement.

Studying Using Active Recall

What is Active Recall? Active recall is a study technique that goes beyond passive reading and memorization. Instead of merely reviewing notes or textbooks, or passive recall, simply remembering past material, active recall involves proactively retrieving information from memory while

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The Applications of Calculus in Architecture

The field of architecture is one in which the freedom of design and the rigor of engineering appear equally. While everyone can see the beautiful exterior of a new building, few truly understand the complicated analysis involved in making that

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Two smartphones displaying the 'I Aced Calculus' app interface, one showing a sample calculus problem and the other the app's home screen, alongside logos for App Store and Google Play, and a stack of index cards.

Using Calculus Flashcards as a Study Tool

Calculus Flashcards Flashcards are a powerful study tool because they’re easy and fun to use, focus on making you engage with information actively, and let you tailor material to your needs. Flashcards break big topics into small parts that you

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How to Study Effectively for a Calculus Test

Studying for a calculus quiz or exam does not need to be difficult. There are many proven strategies that can help you study more efficiently! In this blog post, we will discuss some of these strategies and their applications to

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A graphic comparing Calculus AB and BC with various mathematical formulas and graphs in the background.

Comparing AP Calculus AB and BC: A Quick Guide

Exploring the differences between Calculus AB vs BC, this guide offers an in-depth comparison of the two popular AP Calculus courses. Both AP Calculus AB and BC are top choices for high school students seeking a challenging mathematical curriculum. In

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7 Study Habits to Ace Your Course

Effective study habits make learning new material a lot more efficient. Take some time to analyze your existing study habits and areas where you can improve. Below are some of the suggestions for you to think about. By following these

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Educational image emphasizing AP Calculus BC amidst a backdrop of mathematical expressions.

The Comprehensive Guide to AP Calculus BC

Welcome to the ‘AP Calculus BC Guide’, a comprehensive resource for mathematically inclined high school students seeking a challenge beyond AP Calculus AB. Not only does taking AP Calculus BC allow students to take more advanced courses in math and

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Happy student holding up a test paper with a top grade, giving a thumbs up.

Succeeding in a Calculus Course

Preparing for a calculus class is only half of the equation; once admitted or enrolled in the course, you also need to be able to keep up. Listed here are the steps that will help you succeed in your calculus

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