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A graphic comparing Calculus AB and BC with various mathematical formulas and graphs in the background.
Comparing AP Calculus AB and BC: A Quick Guide

Exploring the differences between Calculus AB vs BC, this guide offers an in-depth comparison of the two popular AP Calculus courses. Both AP Calculus AB and BC are top choices for high school students seeking a challenging mathematical curriculum. In 2022 alone, a combined total of 420,000 students enrolled in these courses, reflecting their popularity.…

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Happy student holding up a test paper with a top grade, giving a thumbs up.
Succeeding in a Calculus Course

Preparing for a calculus class is only half of the equation; once admitted or enrolled in the course, you also need to be able to keep up. Listed here are the steps that will help you succeed in your calculus class.  Study Prerequisites It is crucial that you have mastery of the prerequisites for the…

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How to Prepare for the Calculus Course

Preparing for a calculus course – be it an AP or a general class – requires building a strong foundation in various mathematical concepts. Confidence in your understanding of the previous material (trigonometry, algebra II, geometry) and ability to apply this knowledge to novel problems is one of the most important skills that you will…

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Optimizing How You Study Calculus

Studying for a calculus course requires focus, patience, and time to understand and practice concepts. There are multiple methods that can be used to study more efficiently. The following includes some of the techniques that you can employ to be well-prepared for your classes and tests. It is a common habit for many students to…

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