Natalia head teacher


CEO and Head Teacher

Hi, I’m Natalia. I am a Caltech graduate and have been teaching math for over 20 years. I have an unusual teaching career that has given me the privilege to teach classes from elementary school basic math through multi-variable calculus, and everything in between. I have worked in progressive schools, Waldorf schools, and a school for gifted and talented students. I use Art of Problems Solving books a lot and have experience with most other common math programs.

Currently, I teach math competition classes in grades 1 through 12, as well as advanced high school math. I specialize in uncovering the full potential of my students and igniting a love for math. With work and dedication my students achieve their desired math goals – be it scoring a 5 on AP Calculus exam, qualifying for AIME, getting a high score on the Math Kangaroo competition, scoring 800 on the SAT math section, or starting to enjoy and understand the math class that they are taking.

I love the variety of work that I do. It allows me to see the full picture of math education and helps me create effective study programs for each of my students. My specialty is talent development, and my goal is to help my students enjoy math and excel in it. Let’s explore the beauty and power of math together!


Natalia can help with:

  • Math competitions at all levels K-12 from elementary school Math Kangaroo, Noetic, Math League to Middle School Mathcounts, AMC 8 to High School AMC 10/12, HMMT, and AIME.
  • Specifically, one of her most common tutoring engagements is to bring students up from 50-70 on AMCs to AIME qualification and a 5-9 score on it.
  • School curriculum from elementary to Multivariable Calculus. Natalia normally uses Beast Academy and Art of Problem Solving books and can also follow any other curriculum.
  • Calculus help. Natalia often uses a combination of Larson, AoPS and IAC app.