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IAC AP Calculus AB Practice Exam

  • A comprehensive mock exam of the multiple choice sections of the AP Calculus AB Exam!
  • Written by a team of I Aced Calculus expert math teachers.
  • Clear, detailed solutions for each and every question.
  • The difficulty is slightly harder than the actual AP exam, allowing you to be extremely well prepared for the exam!
  • Affordable, only $4.99 for the expertly written 45 questions and solutions.

What’s Included

Today for just $4.99 , you’ll be getting

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A Complete Practice AP Calculus AB Exam for multiple-choice sections: 30 no-calculator questions and 15 questions that require a graphing calculator

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Comprehensive solutions & explanations

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All materials delivered to your email after purchase

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A FREE bonus guides to using TI-84 and

TI-Nspire on the AP Exam

100% Money-back guarantee

Why Us?: I Aced Calculus

Here at IAC, our goal is to help you master calculus. With a streamlined learning process that is individually catered, you can succeed—even on a tight schedule. Our team at I Aced Calculus firmly believes that everyone can ace calculus if they set their mind to it!

About the Mock Exam problems

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Written by Expert Teachers

Our head teachers have extensive experience teaching calculus AB and have written multiple study materials including the IAC mobile app.

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Lined Simple English Exam

Problems and Topics

Similar to the AB Exam

Our practice exam contains multiple choice questions, developed in-house to sharpen your understanding of the various topics presented on the AP exam.

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Practice makes


The final days leading up to the AP exam are a perfect time to do extra practice and strengthen all gaps in your knowledge.

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Practice AP Calculus AB Multiple Choice Exam

includes the following

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No Calculator Section

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Calculator Section

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30 questions

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15 questions

Over 40 pages of expertly written

questions and detailed solutions!

Delivered to your email.

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TZ, New Jersey

Perfect practice tests! Solutions were very helpful for the problems I missed.

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MS, New York

Thanks! I was looking for extra practice. The quality of questions and solutions is great.

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MV, Massachusetts

The test felt a bit harder than the ones I did at school. I feel like I learned a lot!

From the Creators of the

I Aced Calculus App

  • 400+ Flashcards with Video explanations
  • 600+ Multiple Choice Problems
  • Calculator Tips and Custom Decks

Comprehensive Questions and Answers

The I Aced Calculus practice AP exam provides an opportunity to dive deep into the material to explore in-depth questions and meticulously detailed answers and explanations, crafted by our expert team of math educators!


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45 high quality multiple-choice questions for the practice AP Calculus AB exam

2 FREE copies of IAC Calculator Tips, covering both TI-84 and TI-Nspire

Clear, detailed solutions

A satisfaction guarantee, with a 100% refund if requested

100% Money-back Guarantee

We offer an unconditional 30-day 100% money-back guarantee!

We are confident that our exam and solutions will help you to practice for the real exam and understand the material better.

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